Lizanne Cua is one of those “designers” with no range at all or point of view. She presented a collection that made several people ask WHY IS THIS ON THE RUNWAY? See for yourself and feel the painful WHY WHY WHY we felt on this collection especially WHY are they even in a fashion show when you can buy them in Divisoria.



Chris Jasler presented an outdated array of denim looks that would have been trendy back in 1995 along when Diesel Jeans was becoming a hit but in 2014 the denim collection he presented was just  painfully tacky. With rock star groupies moonlighting as prostitutes looks along with tight fitting and form fitting denim on both men and women that makes you look like a suman or a sausage and a call boy for the men. Chris Jasler obviously is lost in the past and has no inkling of the contemporary world of denim. That’s all.


Randall Solomon presented a collection of Kachakahaness proportions! It was a Chaka one after another bursting in outdated silhouettes and designs worthy only of the Kachakahaness grand prize!

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Melchor guinto is one of those hit or miss designers. When he misses he misses by a mile and for Spring Summer 2014 for Philippine Fashion Week his collection was mixture of hits and really bad misses. He should also consider his model casting. As we all know a model helps make the clothes look better but in often cases for Philippine Fashion Week and their cast of models, they likely make a designer’s outfit look worst than it already is. In helping to pin point some ok pieces of his collection, we cropped out the model’s heads so the clothes remain nice instead of the model just making the outfit look cheap and left the heads of the models that are half decent. An advice to Melchor Guinto and all of the designers of PFW, if you have the means and budget, get better models, Look what a load of good beautiful and handsome models does for collections as boring as SM Department Store and Penshoppe. 

Melchor Guinto was channeling Ozwald Boateng and Bill Tornade for his collection for men but PLEASE PLEASE loose the Japanese sandals, they makes the outfit look bad and collection trying  too hard. If it weren’t for a number of REALLY ugly models (that makes your clothes look cheap) and the Japanese sandals, Melchor Guinto could have the nicest collection in PFW Spring Summer 2014





Santi Obcena attempted the “cool” factor and was complete failure. His looks settled for your “kanto boy high on rugby” for menswear and his women’s lookied like groupies rejected from an Eraserheads concert. The collection was bordering on boring to just plainly bad taste. What ever the look the collection was aiming to achieve, Santi Obcena definitely missed the mark for style by a good long mile but he managed to hit the bull’s eye on looking cheap.




Bo Parcon presented an all black collection with an aim to look “cool”. Sadly there was an iar of trying too hard like your normal office desk receptionist wearing all black matched with her boring office wear trying to look cool.  Like we always believe here in Kachakahaness that a designer’s collection is a reflection of himself or herself and with that Bo Parcon’s collection a reflected a trying too9 hard to be cool but has no angst or attitude in design what so ever. You’ll find failed attempts to mimic/copy some Yohji looks, Maison Martin Margiela techniques. mixtures of Gareth Pugh’s and Ann Demeulemeester’s looks and Rick Owens’ silhouettes but the end result was just trying too hard to be and look like something Bo Parcon is not. Sorry that’s all….

Truly Bo Parcon is another designer that frequesnts in building his own collection.




Happy Andrada presented a “pa-sweet” girl look that already set sail along with Mich Dulce’s trademark looks, the only difference is when  Dulce does it, there is that air of high fashion copies of Vivienne Westwood, Happy Andrada’s collection was a no talent version of Mich Dulce designs. 

Her collection stood out from the rest as she sent models looking like retarded girls you wanted to punch for acting virginal.


The duration of Jackie Penalosa’s presentation the crowd was looking away, texting on their phones and talking amongst themselves. I found myself turned off by the first outfit and I went on to chit chatting with my friends because this was one collection no one cared.


Oz Go’s collection was a mixture of boring and hmmmm then resulted into eewww…..Truly he needs to learn to edit his collection before showing and look into cohesive flow. He had 2-3 interesting numbers and the rest was just a snooze festival. Here are the only 2 that was sort of interesting, the rest was just too boring and senseless to even post.




Xernan Orticio presented a simple collection with his intricate cut outs though the collection was boring we do admit his collection was pleasant and clean compared to so many designers in PFW 2014